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Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Live Better Today than Ever

Despite our economic problems we have many more luxuries than the vast majority of Americans ever have. That is not even to look at it from a worldwide level.

1. We have more and better variety of food than any prior generation. Our major health problems are due to gluttony and obesity. We could eat more nutritionally on less than half of the money we spend on food. Far less actually, if you ate as a vegetarian.

2. We have much larger houses and fewer people per house, by far.

3. We have air conditioning and better heating with less work.

4. We live far longer and do far less physical work, on average.

5. We have far better medical care.

6. We drive, or are driven , for the most part. We seldom walk to get anywhere.

7. We have plumbing, fresh water, toilets. Most have dishwashers and garbage disposals. Almost everyone has a microwave.

8. We have chemicals to protect us from insects and rodents in the home and in our gardens.

9. We have gasoline powered lawnmowers.

10. Our trash is picked up for us.

11. We have more entertainment options than we can possibly use. Especially electronic.

I know there are more. Please make your suggestions. Be grateful for America and our blessings from God.


Sid Abma said...

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Ron Wagner said...

Thanks for using my resource. It is a labor of love, and has become an obsession. I will add your company to by blog. I am interested in promoting natgas air conditioning and CHP together.