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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Border Fence Past Due

It is easy to see the reasons that the establishment is holding up the border fence as long as possible:

1. The Bush administration wants to let the next administration deal with it. They fear alienating the largest minority, which is now Hispanics. I don't believe that Hispanic citizens are that much different than other citizens on this issue.

2. The Senators of both parties are beholden to their big corporate supporters who use illegal aliens to make large profits , and keep citizens wages down. Think ranchers, farmers, meat packers, the hotel an motel industry, builders, etc.

3. President Bush and the Senate does not see that border security is as important as Middle East security. The alien invasion is a real threat to the very nature of our nation and its sovereignty. The House of Representatives does see the threat, and is in a battle with the Senate. We must exert pressure on all political candidates to force this issue to the forefront, or we may never secure the border. This will allow a great threat to our sovereignty and future to continue as it has.

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